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Thank you for visiting the website of the Kabuki Dance Institute.

How was your visit to the website of the Kabuki Buyo Institute?

While I am, full of handmade feeling

I am proud that a kind homepage has been completed.

This homepage was created without relying on a professional contractor.

Kabuki Dance Institute Representative Kabuki Kiyohana

It was produced by two people, Erika Kabuki and Shin-Natori.

But... to be honest, it's not from scratch.

​The HP of the Hanagi Dance Research Institute asked a professional in 1997 to purchase the [] domain.

​On the way, the manager replaced, the provider replaced...

Until recently, on "Sakura Internet"  

I was using [].

One domain has worked hard for nearly 20 years.

埼玉県の日本舞踊教室 花伎舞踊研究所

why? now? with this timing?

​ Hmm~ First of all,

Is the security of "Sakura Internet" lax?

Please see the attached email log. Every day, every day ~ Junk mail

Even if you report it, nothing will change.

Change domain! Destroy!

This is it~!

埼玉県の日本舞踊教室 花伎舞踊研究所

It's all spam. The address has now been discarded.

​When you change your email address, it's a cat-and-mouse game~

The other thing is that we are now in the mobile age.

2The rapid spread of smartphones in the first half of the 2010s

These days, mobile compatibility is becoming necessary.

The old site wasn't mobile friendly

​ sooner or later had to rework HP.


​ To Mr. nomura, who has been involved in updating the HP together for nearly 20 years

I have nothing but words of gratitude. Her "class and healing" is Kabuki Dance Institute

I was supporting you. You had a great feeling.

She is a freelancer and her main business is a mother of three children, a wife, and a nurse.

In addition to being busy, her skills are mobile-friendly.

Due to my anxiety, it was time to consider the future update.

I also know the reality of free.

I was also a freelancer and had a side job of designing.

A free that does not belong to a company

Constantly improve skills and upgrade design software

You must manage and maintain it yourself.

I have just finished my 30 years as a freelance designer.

It's hard to discern when and when.

As expected, "this time at this time"

is it right

Even if I worry about it... it won't start...

​ "This time at this time".

Your company's website is not mobile-friendly, so why don't you make a sales call?

​ this...

I think we have to keep up with the changing times

For now, I've postponed it yet.

Feeling distrustful of the salesperson's response to phone calls!

・Looking from above

・There is no company website even though it is the IT era

・Those who want to talk during a visit even though they are busy

While online (remote) is recommended due to the corona wreck

​ Face-to-face business? Do you work by phone? Which one is outdated?

埼玉県の日本舞踊教室 花伎舞踊研究所

When you open the site, the address is displayed at the top left of the screen.

thereNote: "Unsecured communication"

This is exciting.

Sites where this appears, just look at the top

I didn't have the courage to move on.

Because it's an amateur idea, but it's "dangerous", right?

The telephone salesman also said, "Your company's site is..."

looking at google search

Even though I made it to the first page

​Caution site There are quite a few.

Do you notice? Can't you fix it yourself? (Is it a big deal?)

But... when this comes out

A salesman calls me every day.

“Would you like to make your HP new and suitable for the times?”

​Kabuki Dance Research Institute was like that.

Good! I'll do it myself~♪ But I'm full of anxiety~

Make a decision 8 months before domain renewal!

​ 3 months before taking action~ (...wasted time)

Change of domain contract: whether to continue or create a new one...

I'm worried... I've been using [] for nearly 20 years, and even Google

I'm getting higher in the search results, but I'm worried about changing the domain.

I've been entrusting the site to others, so I wonder if I can manage it myself?

​Is it possible to do the same as before?

Is it mobile compatible?

Let's try it for free first

​Which site would you like?

オンライン日舞 花伎舞踊研究所

Can someone...listen to me...and give me an opinion...

I am a dancer, but I am also a designer.

Playing around with a computer is not a pain, if you have the time~

Plenty of ideas such as "I wish I had that", "I want this"

But ... "I want you to push my back" at such times

I was able to talk with my apprentice, Erika-san.

Erika-san has a wide variety of talents.

And above all, they are "young". I am a person who lives in the present.

It's the "feeling of people today". So...

When the page is ready, people will ask me, "How does it look?"

"Does this bother you?" "I don't mind."

​ Heh... well, don't you care?

Ugh! Hands up~! Even if you read help support... (crying)


It's from here~

AI answers and detailed settings are done by yourself.

In my head, if I come like this, I'll answer like this

This is what you want...

"Phew... even if you say it's essential..."

A little bit of tension.


Here ~ it's Erika-san's turn 💛

Thanks to Erika-san, the “Official Line” is going well!

Half of the inquiries are from the "official line".

埼玉県の日本舞踊教室 花伎舞踊研究所

There is a limit to working hard alone.

I want to talk to someone ~ I want you to see it from a slightly different point of view ~

Cases that cannot be found by reading the help

If you look at me from behind

Here~ "Over there~"

Kabuki Buyo Research Institute uses the domain from

To be new to

I am on the Wix Premium Plan.

"Help Desk Support"

You can also get support by phone and email...

Support responders are, by definition, professionals.

The sentences are... after all, I don't understand.

Difficult terminology etc... In the end, do you leave it to the professionals?

The button flickers... No, I won't lose... (bitter smile)

オンラインで日本舞踊 花伎舞踊研究所
  • Googl01_edited
  • Instagram
  • フェイスブック
  • さえずり
  • ライン
  • Youtube

3 types of SNS-essential


Advertisement - 3 mandatory

HP・Official Line・Google Maps

Of course, you can update it yourself.

Leave it to the contractor...


Among the members (female managers) want a website with their debut on Twitter~♪

The story progresses from here ~ There is an introduction site below.

オンライン日舞 花伎舞踊研究所

Speaking of the Kabuki Dance Institute, we survived the corona disaster with online Japanese dance​

This online is also thanks to Erika-san's advice and support.

Cast Zoom to TV...

Advice and test experience for those who still need support in online experience

​ I am in charge of online support.

According to Erihana-san

A stylish cafe or something...

​I want to help~♪

Why Wix? Please see the site on your computer and smartphone.

Strikingly not upgraded. Currently there is a limit to editing in the mobile version...

strikingly PC version

埼玉県の日本舞踊教室 花伎舞踊研究所

strikingly mobile version

埼玉県の日本舞踊教室 花伎舞踊研究所

Peraichi I haven't upgraded. There is also a tablet version here.

In addition, the text can be changed in the mobile version. ​ But that's not what I want to do...


Peraichi PC version

埼玉県の日本舞踊教室 花伎舞踊研究所

Peraichi doublet version

Peraichi mobile version

埼玉県の日本舞踊教室 花伎舞踊研究所
埼玉県の日本舞踊教室 花伎舞踊研究所

Why Wix?

Because the size of text and placement of images are free in the mobile version

The trend of the times…Because “mobile support” is essential

埼玉県の日本舞踊教室 花伎舞踊研究所
埼玉県の日本舞踊教室 花伎舞踊研究所  

We can only help female owners.

Why is it limited to female entrepreneurs?

That's because representative Kabuki is overprotective. (smile)

Erika-san is young and still not used to the world so much that she can talk to anyone on equal footing.

Kabuki might just be thinking that (laughs).

The reason why it is limited to female managers is because they experience the same hardships in the same circumstances.

​because I think I can give you the right advice.

Also, these days, I want to sell my "strength" ... There are many sites

There are also problems. I've experienced this too (bitter smile)

​ You can rest assured with our achievements and the certification of the Kabuki Dance Research Institute.

It's hard to talk to people these days due to the corona crisis.

Communicate online or by email

Depending on the content of the story, it may be a case that you politely decline.

​, but I would like to make a suggestion.

Of course~ if you can get used to your power~

​This may be your chance.

I would appreciate it if you had a relationship.

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