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For those who are considering applying for a trial experience
Please use the calendar below to review your schedule and flexible times.
Basically, we ask that you enter the room from 10:00 to 19:00.
We will consider and adjust even if you want other than the following free time.
​ Please feel free to contact us.

楽しい日本舞踊教室 花伎舞踊研究所
楽しい日本舞踊教室 花伎舞踊研究所

*The above calendar does not show the actual reservation time and name in order to protect the privacy of the members.
*The holiday schedule for the next month will be posted around the 10th.
*Reservations for lessons for members can be made by yourself using the calendar function within LINE WORKS.

*Due to the schedule change of the members, the "reservation availability" status will be updated daily.

楽しい日本舞踊教室 花伎舞踊研究所
楽しい日本舞踊教室 花伎舞踊研究所
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