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Welcome to Kabuki Dance Institute
I would like to explain how to apply for the Kabuki Dance Research Institute.

About how to apply   

Official LINEgoogle formApply at

The contents of the application are as follows 
・Enter simple personal information

(If you do not join at a later date, we will delete it.)
・Select the experience method

(Example: face-to-face, online, etc.) 
・Please tell us the desired date and time

(Example: 0:00 to 0:00 on 0th, 0th)
Available time (10:00-19:00 entry)

Irregular holidays.
・We accept questions  (Contact matters, confirmation matters, etc.)

Based on the information described above
We will schedule the experience.

* Please refer to it when considering the experience date and time"Lesson reservation status" (calendar)

オンラインで日本舞踊 花伎舞踊研究所
オンラインで日本舞踊 花伎舞踊研究所



​    体験を希望される方・ご予約・ご質問(参考)   







楽しい日本舞踊教室 花伎舞踊研究所
楽しい日本舞踊教室 花伎舞踊研究所

When the date and time of the experience is decided

*What is your means of transportation?
・By car: 2 parking spaces available
(Even if the previous contract uses
no waiting for vacancies)

・By train: We can pick you up

(It's a 10-minute walk, but it's uneasy at first)
Nearest station: Tobu Isesaki Line
(Tobu Skytree Line)
"Sengendai Station" East Exit


"Sengendai Station" East Exit

2 parking lots available

*About belongings
・Yukata (practice clothes) or seasonal kimono set

Please bring what you have on hand.
If there is a shortage of small items necessary for dressing,
We will lend you our things during the experience.
If nothing is available,
Please come in comfortable clothes.

If available,List of experience itemsPlease refer to
Please wear socks even if you are wearing clothes that are easy to move in.


楽しい日本舞踊教室 花伎舞踊研究所

Preparation: Reference


Once the trial date is decided

* We will ask you how to connect.

~・For Microsoft Teams・~
We will send you the URL
Enter from browserplease.
Approximate 60 minuteswill be explained and experienced.

No prior app download is required.
If you enter the room from your browser

Two screens can be set on the screen.
You can experience the lecturer and yourself side by side.

 ~・In the case of Zoom・~
We will send you the URL
join meetingplease.
30 minutes + break + 30 minutesschedule.
Download the app in advance
may be required.
- All while seated in a chair
Please set it so that the upper body is reflected.

*Preparation for online experience
For those who are beginners in dressing, "easy-to-move clothes"
If you are able to wear a kimono, you can wear "practice clothes".
Please contact us if you have any questions.


オンラインで日本舞踊 花伎舞踊研究所
オンラインで日本舞踊 花伎舞踊研究所

Reference: Cast smartphone and TV

Can you see the upper body?

*Refer to the experience menu for details

☆Online experience menu☆ 

Face-to-face experience menu ☆
*Please inquire in advance about other individual experiences you would like to experience.
*A PDF of the experience text will be given to those who request it after the experience is over.
(In the case of a mobile address, it may not be possible to receive it due to capacity and settings.)

We will consider handling each case.
 *We do not encourage or solicit membership on the day of the experience. 

If you wish to become a member after completing the trial
1.LINEworksの招待URLを送信        _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_    
      (login from your LINE account)

2. Chat in LINEworks      
(Lesson method-face-to-face, online, combined)
(Lesson contents-from dressing, basic movements)
(Prices are set based on the number of lessons and the number of lessons per month)
(月謝&チケット選択)         _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_           _cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

3. [Registration request] Please confirm
(Attach the Google document to the talk)
"Let's try to be courteous and moderate and have a pleasant relationship with each other."

4. Please fill in the membership application contact form
I will attach the URL of the google form, so please send it after writing it.

楽しい日本舞踊教室 花伎舞踊研究所
楽しい日本舞踊教室 花伎舞踊研究所

*We recommend going paperless.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


The Kabuki Buyo Institute does not require an admission fee.

* Lessons are a self-investment.
Think of it as a "preparation money" necessary for your own level up
Please use it to purchase training clothes, dressing accessories, and connection equipment necessary for online.

​At the Kabuki Dance Research Institute
The courage of those who take a new step forward
I'm rooting for you!

楽しい日本舞踊教室 花伎舞踊研究所










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